Job Availability During the Decline of COVID-19 Cases

Posted on by Unity For Equality

March, April, and May of 2020 contributed to the greatest number of job losses since WWII. The COVID pandemic halted businesses around the globe leaving people out of work and on unemployment. Now that we see an end in sight, what does the future look like for people who are still looking for employment?

Back with a Bang

Fortunately, the amount of companies eager to add more employees has risen substantially over the last few months. This is due to more businesses reopening and expanding. According to CBS Bay Area, California alone added 260,600 jobs since February 2021. This is a hopeful sign of what is yet to come as the country slowly reopens.


At the start of the pandemic, many businesses shifted to telecommuting. This means that many employees worked from home for the better part of the lockdown. Now, as more and more businesses are reopening, big companies want their employees to return to the office. While this spells good news for the job market, many companies found that allowing employees to work from home is more efficient not only for their employees, but also for the employers themselves. Working from home cuts costs by alleviating the need for offices and office amenities. The increase in telework is also beneficial to small start-ups by allowing them to start their business without the need for an office.

Telecommuting is the way of the future and workers are aware of this fact. They are able to apply for jobs all over the world because they have the luxury of working from home. We are no longer confined by our location, which means that we can apply and accept positions anywhere. This also means that people who are living in areas where job availability is limited can still find a great, high paying job in the field of their choice.

Why Go Back?

Right now in the United States there is a labor shortage. This means that there are more jobs available than there are people to fill those roles and the number of people quitting their

positions are at an all-time high. According to US News and World Report, there are many reasons for this but the main two are that people are hesitant about returning to an office or retail role where they are potentially exposed to the CoronaVirus.

The other main reason is that the jobs that are being offered are lower paying than their unemployment benefits that were enhanced during the lockdown. While this isn’t great news for employers, it may benefit workers in the long run. Companies are having to raise wages in order to compete with higher paying organizations.

What Does the Future Look Like?

Without a doubt, the pandemic has taken its toll on companies and workers whose daily lives changed drastically when the nation abruptly shut down. It has been exceptionally hard for

many people but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The job market is on the mend with more jobs being available than there are people to fill them. This means more competitive wages and benefits packages, and the opportunity to work from home if feasible.

COVID cases are dwindling, and the job market is just heating up.